30 Minute 1-1 express sessions

Work with me each week to get in a 30-minute express session to not only help you feel your best, but to look your best too. Cue me up anywhere using a strong internet connection, your cell or laptop. Very convenient! 

These sessions are put in place to accent your daily routine, hold you accountable, keep you on track despite scheduling conflicts + to provide you with fresh workouts. Life is always changing so your needs will be too. 

When we meet each session, we'll start right away. We're always on time since we 're not battling traffic, weather or busy gyms. Another reason this is your most consistent workout plan yet. Nothing gets in our way. 

I'm a circuit trainer so my speciality is fitting in total body work within short periods of time. We can get so much done during these sessions and with that, you're able to progress all the quicker because of this style of workout. HIIT training + circuit training is so heart healthy! 

Clients who are always on travel, are new parents, looking for something new, want consistency without breaks in the schedule and simply want to get stronger should purchase these sessions. I suggest up to 3 per week, or 2 if you're an All Access member. 

A monthly purchase commitment comes with a 25% discount to the All Access Subscription


Work With serena's Nutritionist

Get your eating, meal prep game and nutrition on track with private coaching. Working with Rebecca will take the guessing game out of your weekly menu and will give you the direction you're lacking when it comes to your weekly menu.

That's what we all really need - that tight follow up on what exactly we're doing outside of our sessions to either support or sabotage our efforts. Nutrition is everything and is an essential part of your fitness journey. This is a very important investment. 

We're offering two plans - one geared towards tweaks and maintenance, the other; a full commitment to making long term changes. Click the button below to learn more about Rebecca and set up a consultation with her. 

Did somebody say toned bod?

I love my personal training clients! Getting the chance to work with so many amazing people each and every day brings joy to my heart. Seeing how these sessions have literally changed people's lives, perspectives, attitudes + outlooks; I can say that investing in these workouts is vital to your overall health and fitness journey.

For those looking for in person sessions please fill out the contact form here for a custom rate!

“I’ve found Serena to be an incredibly dedicated trainer and coach. She’s flexible, both with your schedule and your workout style. She’s clearly educating and re-educating herself because she’s always bringing something new to the workout, or has an added nutritional anecdote. I love her new online platform, especially because I can pick up and do it on my own time, which is my ultimate preference. Certainly recommend her services, I’ve cut 4% body fat since we started!” -Amile Y., Philadelphia PA
— Amile Y., Philadelphia PA