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meet Serena

Serena is an international health and wellness professional; having over 10 years in the industry as both a coach and an entrepreneur, she's impacted hundreds. 

A Connecticut girl at heart, she started soccer at the age of 4. An athlete at Farmington High School led her to train for running races and bodybuilding to not only enhance her overall athleticism, but to challenge herself in new ways, after she graduated George Mason University in 2007.  Sports, teamwork + athletic achievement has always been her lifeblood, fueling her desire to influence others through SerenaFit, established in 2008. 

Since she started her business, she's traveled the world as an entrepreneur, learning about business operations from various start up communities, connecting, growing and leading together with global figures who innovate and want to change the way we live. It's about making an impact, for her.  

After spending ten years in Washington, DC Serena moved to Philly in 2015 and loves meeting like minded business owners and locals who  think outside the box. It's all about community and friendship for her, living for the experience and adventure of it all.

Travel, great wine, family, Saturday mornings, good conversation, fresh juices & hot yoga are a few of her favorite things. You can find her power walking the city, most days of the week, in-between meetings and sessions!


1776 member - Co-working and innovative space

Soloist Collective - Rittenhouse Chapter

Summer 2016 + 2017 Be Well Philly features + Philly Mag Events

Fall 2016 + Spring 2017 Philly Current Magazine Feature

Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center Partner

BodyBoss ExpertSip n Glo Ambassador + Athleta Ambassador

Refuga Alumni - Italy + Spain 2015 + 2016

British Airways Face to Face Contest Winner 2011



Current | NESTA Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Bariatric Exercise Specialist


AFPA Trainer of Special Populations

 AFPA Functional Exercise Specialist

High School Women's Lacrosse Coach

Youth Sports Coach



The SerenaFit Story 


SerenaFit was launched in November of 2008, in Arlington VA with the intention to help people get healthy.

As time went by, the company evolved and became a well known resource within the local community. In 2011, SerenaFit won the Face to Face contest, hosted by British Airways and was featured in NYC + London with 250 other start up businesses, and innovators. This was the turning point for the company, and things started to grow on a larger scale. The intentions started small; now they were on a fast track to reach more clients and create collaborations from all around the world. 

SerenaFit traveled to Spain + Italy with Refuga to mastermind with 20 other international entrepreneurs in retreat homes for 10 days at a time. This experience shifted the brand yet again and SerenaFit now had the intentions to provide an online wellness platform for people not only in the US, but for those who don't necessarily have the exposure or resources to be healthy, in other countries. 

Having worked with hundreds of groups, clients, companies and thought leaders from all over the world for over 10 years, the brand knows what the pertinent health challenges are for most busy, working adults and is out to provide the solution on a platform that is easy to understand, utilize and engage with.

SerenaFit will change the way you look at online wellness, and has paired up with like minded brands to provide users with nothing but exceptional, relevant, useful, real - life information that will assist you in custom creating a life you want to wake up to, everyday. Join us in our live studio to experience your best workout yet. 

Meet The Serenafit team

Meet the amazing team members behind SerenaFit!


Ilana Ostrin - Online Coach

Ilana Ostrin is a former Division I NCAA athlete who has certifications in classical mat and POP! Pilates. She receives her certification in HAWT Pilates in 2017. She was introduced to Pilates 15 years ago to address some muscular imbalances and has been hooked ever since. In addition to supporting SerenaFit clients, she is apprenticing in the DC area.


Olivia Neely, RDN, LD - Top Pick!

Olivia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2012. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the Philadelphia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She provides her expertise to The Moday Center through individualized dietary therapy focusing on biologically appropriate diet principles to aid her clients in weight management, increasing energy levels, and pursuing continued health, happiness and longevity. Please get in touch with her to start you nutritional analysis at www.modaycenter.com


Tracy Simmons - Online coach

Tracy is an ACE certified personal trainer, as well as a certified group fitness and spin instructor, who has been active in the Philadelphia fitness community since 2010. As a former social worker, Tracy’s passion for helping people shows through in her approach to training. She loves learning about each client’s specific goals and lifestyle to design a program that fits their individual needs and works within their everyday routine.