at-home or on the go - working out is easy!

Finally, I can connect with you no matter where you are in the world! For the past two years, I've been dreaming up a way to bring my SerenaFit coaching program to people outside of my local community. I wanted to create something where people could achieve real results and hold themselves more accountable than ever. Now it's become a reality! The Virtual Training Studio features live + interactive workouts that connect us in real-time, offering trainer feedback and support during each 30 minute class.  

I went to the gym but didn’t have any direction so it wasn’t beneficial at all. Now since joining the virtual studio, I have the accountability I need and I don’t have to lug my gym clothes around town and to work with me anymore. It’s really convenient”
— Susan M., New Jersey

More effective than the gym... 


Welcome to your at-home virtual fitness studio, bringing the attention of a real trainer directly to you. 

Pick from a variety of classes like HIIT, power yoga, boxing, strength training +  functional training workouts.

Membership highlights

On-demand library of 100+ video workouts you can cue up from any device

Access to a members-only Facebook group to connect outside of class and member emails sent out every Friday!

Unlimited access to our LIVE trainer-led workouts taught M-F 

30 min classes offered before 7:30 am so you can get to work on time


What’s not to like? The price point is perfect for me, I love working out at home where I can then just run and shower and get ready for work, and I love the variety.
— Aliza, Philadelphia PA


  • Live workouts with live human trainers who can see you, keep you accountable and in proper form. Become friends overtime! 
  • The BEST variety of classes like mat flow, Power Yoga, core work, strength sessions + HIIT cardio with different routines each week.
  • A library of on-demand classes with 100+ video workouts that you can access at any time, anywhere with a membership. 
  • A private Facebook community and weekly member emails to connect, inspire + guide you along your workout journey. 
  • Discounts on products like equipment and deals on health bars. Right now we're working with Square Organics 

hold yourself accountable

Becoming a member of the virtual studio will give you the consistency you've been looking for. Feel energized and motivated by people from all over who are trying to focus on themselves just like you. Knowing you're sweating with like-minded people is super inspiring and gives you that extra push when you want to quit!

Never fall off track or miss a workout because of timing. I get it. Life is crazy. But with this plan, things will start to become easier. Keep your focus, sign up and show up. My team of certified coaches and I will be at every workout, ready to get things done, together. 

Cya, random workout life! Are you ready to make a change and hold yourself accountable?  >hands raised for a double high five<