3 Must have fitness apps

These days, our mobile devices are with us at all times, so why not make the most of the portable technology and use some health, wellness, and fitness apps.


Fooducate is a great health app that guides you through food labels and helps you make wise food choices. While shopping, scan items and read what’s good and bad about the product and make well-informed decisions. If you decide the item you were considering isn’t what you want to eat, Fooducate will offer you a comparable, healthier option.


Fig is a free app that helps you keep track your progress of your goals. The app encourages and reminds users to take the stairs, drink water, socialize, and even allows you to invite family and friends to join and help you reach your goal. This app is a great overall reminder that wellness encompasses the mental, physical, and emotional body.

Vea Rewards

Want to get rewarded for working out? Download Vea, the app that will help you earn discounts on clothes, sneakers, protein, meal plans and more! Free to get :)