3 Superfoods to Try This Week

It seems like every few months scientists, nutritionists, and doctors discover a new superfood. A superfood is simply a natural food or ingredient that packs a powerhouse of nutrition and can be eaten in abundance. So, here are three superfoods you should try this week:

  1. Seaweed- sea vegetables in general are known for their high level of nutritional value. Seaweed in its raw form is full of antioxidants, calcium, and vitamins A and C, among others. Nori sheets, the dried seaweed most commonly used to wrap around sushi, is just one of many forms. Try a seaweed salad, seaweed noodles, or buy a pack of raw seaweed sheets and get creative.

  2. Kimchi- spicy, fermented cabbage that is a popular Korean side dish. Kimchi is low in calories, and has anti-inflammatory agents and is full of lactobacillus (probiotic) bacteria, which aids in digestion. Kimchi is strong in odor and taste, so enjoy some as a side by itself, as a soup, or try kimchi fried rice. 

  3. Maca- a root vegetable that is most commonly used in its powder form. Maca powder is high in calcium, iron, vitamin-C, and amino acids 1, 2, and 3.  Dating back to use among the Inca Indians of Peru, maca is also a great way to improve your energy. Add some to a smoothie or use it to thicken your soup, you can also find it in juice form for drinking.