Surviving the Weekend!

Bar crawls, social events, parades, fireworks, baseball games, parties - they're all coming your way this weekend. Some things to remember when you're inundated with plans, temptations, drinks and heat:

1. Pace yourself - if you're out all day, drink water, stay in the shade, sit down, bring an extra shirt - try to relax and unwind.

2. Sunscreen it UP - I use the oil free face lotion that keeps me protected during runs and outdoor fun. The last thing you need is a crazy sunburn in the middle of a holiday weekend.

3. DRINK CLEAR - NO BEER - yes yes yes. Stick to this. 

4. Don't eat AND drink - do one or the other. Just not at the same time. 

5. Stick to proteins - avoid chips, dip, random pasta/potato salads, bread. 

6. Cab around the city. Parking will suck anywhere this weekend. Be smart and call UBER. Don't want to get in trouble if you've been drinking either.

7. Don't stress about not making it to some events. Pick the ones you enjoy the most and actually enjoy them. Meet new people. Wear a fun outfit. Feel good about striking up new conversation, and smile. You're hot so show it off!

8. Have one treat a day. Not 8 treats at one event. Allow yourself one temptation treat, then stop there.

9. Eat a good breakfast if you know you're going to be out all day. Eggs, oats, green tea, fruit.

10. BE HAPPY. Talk about happy things. Be with people who make you happy. Don't worry about things you have to do next week. Listen to people when they chat - learn something new. Suck this weekend dry with all that it has to offer. In another few months you'll  be wishing it was this hot, when the thermometer reads 45 degrees!