Best ways to reward yourself after a long week

You did it! You survived another week, you courageous, hardworking, inspiration you. Now you want, and quite honestly, you deserve a reward. We’ve all been there, where we’ve been so good to ourselves, given to our jobs and families, and made it through the week and we just want to relax and indulge. The key to a reward is to gift yourself with a small indulgence and not undo all the work you put in during the week. 

Choose wisely, instead of snacking or mindlessly going through your weekend, decide on something you want to do, eat, or drink that will make you feel good. Plan a special night out with a spouse or friend and choose a meal that sounds amazing. Or, eat a nutrient rich meal and indulge in a decadent dessert. Rather stay home? Pop open a brand new, highly recommended wine and enjoy just a glass or two. Or, take a weekend trip to somewhere you’ve wanted to go, a spa, a campground, or to visit your best friend from college. 

Part of the reason we all work hard every week is so that we can enjoy the best life possible. There’s no use in going through your days working just for the sake of working and resenting that you never enjoyed a reward. Cut yourself some slack and after a long week, reasonably reward yourself, you deserve it.