Bikini Beach Workout

If you live in the DMV area, no doubt you'll be traveling to the Delaware beaches this summer. It's important to stay SerenaFit no matter where you go - Wheather you're an East coaster or or West coaster - summer fun IN THE SUN will be on the menu - so let's be sure you stay ON TRACK. Time to tighten and tone!

Bikini Beach Warm Up

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

50 Mountain Climbers

20 Air Squats

2 minute stretching of choice

Starboard Sliders (lateral movement)

45 seconds side shuffles

45 second fast feet (think HOT SAND!)

45 second plank jacks


Orange Crush Crunches (ab series)

45 second plank (push for more - try up up down downs - think crop tops!)

20 kickdowns

20 bicycles - done slowly


Bay Bridge Booty (glute focus)

25 Lying glute bridges (push for more - try adding a kick - think booty shorts!)

20 fire hydrants each leg

20 donkey kicks each leg

20 jump squats


Sleeveless Summer (arm focus)

15 lateral raises

15 squat to bicep curl

15 reverse lunge and front raise 

Repeat THREE times

Sunset Cool Down

Childs pose 30 seconds


Stretching of choice

10 minute jog and stretch on boardwalk (you can do it!)

Be sure you stay hydrated, fuel up on protein and electrolytes and most importantly, party safely! Have fun out there and make excellent nutritional choices! XO