SerenaFit Back Workout

When was the last time you worked your back out? Probably not in a minute. I don't know about you, but whenever I put on a dress or tank top I always regret not taking extra notice to working out my back more. Having a toned, cut up back is super hot and complements any warm weather outfit. 

Check out the exercises below and work through them to start scuplting your back for Spring 2014. If it starts getting easy over time, DO NOT skimp out on the weight. UP the weight and really challenge yourself. Remember the body changes under stress and lifting heavy weights is doing just that! WORK!


Underhanded row with barbell - Keep elbows in, abs engaged, knees slightly bent. Row the barbell until it hits your chest then slowly lower. Use 20-30lbs. Lift 3x for 15 reps each.

Single arm row off bench - Right hand on bench, right knee on bench, grip weight with left hand and row UP. Keep the weight close to your body as you elbow hits the ceiling. Squeeze your trap/back on the up row and slowly lower. Abs tight. Use 12-30lbs. Lift 12-15 times each side for a total of three rounds (so 6 lifts total).

Back extensions off the machine or a swiss ball - Hands behind your head. Lift your body up, squeezing your backside. Chest out. Slowly lower to starting position. Lift 15x. Three rounds.

Pull ups (assisted if need be) - Wide grip pull up for 10 reps, backed with a close grip pull up for 10 reps. Then repeat. 

Pulley machine row - Use the handle for a single arm row off the pulley machine. Same form and concept as the single arm row off the bench. Keep your abs tight. You're standing on this exercise so be sure to keep the row close and tight to your body.

Bonus: Core work!!

45 seconds sit ups with 10-15lbs weight

45 seconds plank

45 seconds kick downs

45 seconds bicycles done SLOWLY

45 seconds burpees with a push up FAST

Foam roll after your workout OR add cardio for 30 minutes. Hydrate and comsume 13-15g of protein within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. You're one step closer to being SerenaFit!