Sleep: Don't Skip It

We’ve heard it all of our lives, “get enough sleep, at least 8 hours”. As adults, our lives become increasingly more demanding and the things that our bodies need most, sometimes take a back seat to what we have to do. However, the benefits and reasons your body requires sufficient, restful sleep are scientifically proven and if you want to experience your most healthy you, it would behoove you to take heed. 

Sleep allows your mind and body to prepare for the next set of waking hours; it is brain nourishment. Along with improving learning, helping you pay attention, and keeping emotions and mood swings under control, sleep also heals. From heart disease and high blood pressure, to diabetes and helping combat obesity, sleep helps hormones remain balanced, and repairs heart and blood vessels. 

Sleep deprivation is a major contributing factor to decreased productivity, depression, an impaired memory, and loss of ability to multitask. As busy adults, not only do we have many things we need to take care of, but also, we need to be alert, responsive while driving, and have a whole, healthy body. It may be difficult to get into bed a little earlier or wake up a little later, but it’s not impossible. 

Assess your daily schedule and even if it means sacrificing something you enjoy, like a few episodes of your favorite TV shows, record them, and get some shut-eye.