What to Eat when You're Out

We all enjoy eating out with family and friends, but for most of us, we don’t enjoy the high caloric options. Here are some strategies you can use next time you go for a meal out that will leave you satisfied but not stuffed. 

  • Downsize - Many restaurants offer half options, such as a half of sandwich and soup or salad, or even a kids’ meal size. Go for the same great tasting food, just in smaller portions to avoid overeating. 

  • Share - Even if you aren’t at a restaurant that serves family style, share the wealth. Split your meal with one or two others and indulge in a bite of what they’ve ordered. 

  • Now and Later- Eat some now and save some for later. Restaurants in America tend to serve portions that are too large for one serving. So, ask for a to go box and enjoy the rest later or another day. 

  • Hydrate - Many people confuse dehydration with hunger. Start your meal off with plenty of water, by the time your food comes, you’ll find you eat a lot less because your body has most of what it needs already. 

  • Skip the Apps - Whether the offering is a breadbasket or an appetizer sampler, save your calories for your meal.

Don’t avoid eating out for fear that you’ll overdo it, just plan ahead and make choices you’ll feel good about later.