How to Turn your Mind Off

Although we know it’s impossible to turn your mind off literally, there are times when the outside world, demands, and even your own mind needs to be shut out and turned off. So, how, in a world of technology, communication, and stimulation, can you turn your mind off? Start with the external things you can do to quiet the space around you and become present in the moment. Shut down your phone, computer, tablet, any device that requires a charger, or allows others to notify or contact you. It will all be there when you dial back in, so don’t panic.

Second to that would be to indulge, do the mindless things that you long to do in your free time that never seems to come. Buy the new CD by your favorite band and listen to their new album, go to a wine tasting at the vineyard you’ve heard about and spend the day outside and away from the city. Stop by the bookstore and splurge on a new book and curl up with it and a hot cup of tea and read for a few hours. 

Those suggestions are ways to quiet and focus your mind, but the one true way to be present and not lost in an onslaught of thoughts, worries, concerns, deadlines, etc., is to meditate. Raise your conscious state and be present by sitting alone, eyes closed, in a quiet and dimly lit or dark room. This will undoubtedly take practice, but begin today and make it a habit. Start by sitting comfortably and simply tuning in to your own breath, and relax. If you are spiritual or religious, take this time to pray or focus on your God.