Top 10 SerenaFit Snacks

You're rushing from here to there - from work - to the gym - to happy hour. What are you eating inbetween all the craziness? Probably nothing, or something that isn't ideal. 

When you are moving around as much as we do throughout the city, on any given weekday, it's SO important that we don't get stuck in an, "I'm not hungry - I'm too busy" mindset. We must FUEL UP - make GREAT on-the-go picks to keep us looking and feeling awesome throughout the day. 

Here are my favorite SerenaFit City Snacks to keep you girls LEAN and limber :) 

(Try packing some of this stuff in a small cooler bag to be awesome and save money!)

1. Small Gladiator Smoothie King Smoothie - Use blueberries/Berry Mix

2. Cottage cheese cup & 1/4 cup blueberries

3. Quest Bar with lots of water - Keeps you feeling FULL

4. (Plain) Greek Yogurt & 1/2 apple - Chobani is sold everywhere - Eat around the sugar if you can!

5. Justine's PB packet with small banana - Sold at YES! Organic Market / some Giant Foods

6. KIND Bar - Pick one that has less than 5g sugar

7. Ostrish Jerky or Turkey Jerky - Don't knock it until you try it!

8. 100 calorie bag of air popped popcorn & hot tea - Keeps you feeling FULL!

9. Premier Protein Shake, Pure Protein Shake - Check CVS or any local grocer / vending machines

10. Almonds, cashews, nut mix without dried fruit - Keep it to ONE serving - Check Whole Foods

Some of these things can be picked up at the local corner markets. There are so many of them in DC. Just grab something that falls into one of these categories. Most are protein based. Others are a carb/protein balance. Healthy carb gives you the energy we want to keep you going and the protein keeps you feeling full / keeps your muscles replenished. Don't just buy and eat what's EASY. Stop and think about what you're putting into your body. 

Keep working hard and make awesome choices. Nutrition is EVERYTHING!! Follow me on twitter @serenascanz or on instagram @serenafitness to see more ways on how to live a SerenaFit lifestyle. 

Cheers hot mamas!