Ways to Focus on Yourself

This past week I felt like I was focusing on everybody else but myself. Ever feel this way? I'm sure you do.

There's no quicker way to lose yourself in life's noise when you start neglecting your own personal needs. Things will go downhill very fast if you don't step in and refocus positive energy on YOURSELF.

So, how do we refocus? Here's how to do it.

1. Start saying "no." There's nothing more unattractive than being a Yes Man. If people get used to you saying "yes" to everything they ask, you'll start noticing that it becomes the norm which is totally unfair. Friendships and relationships need boundaries no matter how close. Say "no" next time you're presented with a question that requires you to spread yourself too thin. It's OK. They'll still be your friend, guaranteed! If not, then now you know. 

2. Stop saying "sorry." I have a rule with my clients. If you say you're sorry during one of my sessions, it's automatic burpees. Saying sorry imples that you're at fault. In some instances it's relevant but more and more people use it as a filler word. Stop. Say, "excuse me" or nothing at all. Keep the energy around you positive and progessive so you're able to feel great about yourself as you move throughout the day.

3. Do something that puts you off the grid. I'm so over having to tell people where I am. Especially via text. Turn the cell phone OFF. Who cares where you are - maybe it's at the grocery store perusing new foods in the health aisle (my favorite!), maybe you're at a thrift shop zoning out looking for a cute new top, or maybe you're in a park staring at the sky. Wherever it is, just go there and be ONLY WITH YOURSELF. Sign off to the world for a full 30 minutes. It's ridiculously refreshing. 

4. Meet somebody random or new for coffee or a drink. Meeting a new person for a libation is my new 2014 goal (among many). Not only do you get to hear somebody's elses story, but you are also telling yours. It's nice to hear yourself speak about what you represent, what interests you, and what you care about in this world. Find a buddy from a networking group, an old friend, an alumni association, the gym, or a meetup.com group. Go into the meeting with a positive mindset and be proud of who you are. 

These are just a few ideas, but few that I consider the most helpful. Keep track of the ways you decide to focus on yourself so you can go back to them on weeks you feel like you're losing it again. Whatever you do, be sure you happiness is numero uno. Nothing can happen for the people around you if you're not at your best. So start getting your feet wet and explore who you are and what makes you tick.