3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Outdoor Running Routine this Fall

The high temperatures have broken, the air is crisp, and the time is perfect for outdoor running. Here are three easy ways to jumpstart your outdoor runs.

Buy quality gear - Use the new season as an excuse to enhance your workout wardrobe. Long sleeve shirts that wick away moisture, running pants, windbreakers, and new running sneakers will motivate you to hit the pavement, literally. You know I'm a fan of everything Athleta. Their color scheme this season is amazing :) 

Update your electronics - Change up your old playlist and download an app that will keep track of your progress like MapMyRun. I use the iWatch which has been super helpful mid run when it comes to tracking my heart heart, distance + milage. Polar products have always been an old standby for me when it comes to tracking calorie burn. Head to Amazon to find the best deals. 

Get up early - I know, easier said than done but the silence and serenity of autumn morning runs is unparalleled. Set your alarm and set out just before dawn to reward yourself with the beautiful view of the sun rising and the day beginning. Talk about positive vibes!

Just like any habit, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Set a goal to get up and run 3 days a week to enhance your overall routine + endurance.