How to Create Resolutions that Last Through the New Year

The new year is coming up, and that means I’m starting to reflect on my year and decide what goals I’d like to start in the coming year. Generally, I’m not into “new year’s resolution” talk that gets brought up year after year. Most people I see make these ambitious “resolutions,” only to be quickly overcome by feelings of defeat and discouragement when they fail to live up to what is, usually, a very high bar. Here are 3 tip on how to structure your 2018 resolutions to make sure they stick beyond the first few months of the year:

  1. Make them attainable- What others may accomplish may not work for you or your life. If you know that a morning run and a home cooked meal doesn't work with your schedule, tweak it. Run 2x a week and cook 4x. Grow from there. Make it a resolution that still challenges you but keeps you interested. Use the weekend to plan and then execute!

  2. Make them incremental + concise- Instead of setting a resolution to accomplish during the entire year, make smaller goals; monthly or quarterly. Decide to lose a pant size in the first quarter of the year instead of a set number of pounds throughout the year. Resolve to grocery shop every other Tuesday, use fresh ingredients - not frozen -  four times per week instead of saying that you aren’t eating out all year.  

  3. Celebrate your success- Nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself hit a goal. Not only should you relish in the fact that you were able to stay focused and accomplish something, but use that momentum to propel you into your next goal. Pat yourself on the back and you'll learn that self-love will make the goal setting experience even better.

Using these tips I’ve been able to set and achieve a range of small to large goals in my life -- starting a business, running a half marathon, eating cleanly and saving money. Even small changes can amount to significant transformation if you continue to make new and bigger goals. I’d encourage you to start thinking about these points when making your resolutions and goals for the new year, and share the goals you make with me.