My best choices from Dunkin Donuts

DD - The essential morning stop. Before Starbucks, there was Dunkin Donuts which is now dubbed as, "how America runs." 

So what do you order? Here are my top picks off their menu - and I tried to be lenient about it. Spoiler alert: that vanilla frosted donut isn't on the list! 

Quick heads: Sugar + salt are dripping from the ceiling in here so be mindful ie. Their salt bagel has 3300mg of salt in it. Read their entire menu here.

#1: Small Pumpkin Swirl Iced Coffee: 120 cals | 28g carbs | 25g sugar

#2: ANY of the Flavored Iced Teas: AVG 80 cals | 20g carbs | 14g sugar

#3: Snack n' Go Chicken Wrap: 300 cals | 630mg sodium | 21g carbs | 1g sugar

#4: Egg White Veggie Wake Up Wrap: 190 cals | 14g carbs | 1g sugar *What I'd have*

#5: ANY of the DD Smart menu items

#6: Apple n Spice Donut: 260 cals | 29g carbs | 9g sugar

#7: ANY black coffee or hot tea with almond milk NOT Splenda. 

#8: Small Hot Latte with Almond Milk: 80 cals | 14g carbs | 12g sugar

#9: Powdered Munchkin: 60 cals | 7g carbs | 3g sugar

Full disclosure: Whenever I go back North to see my parents in CT, DD is DAILY stop. There is one every 3 miles. Every time I get a hot black coffee, hot green tea or a SINGLE munchkin if I'm in the mood but normally its just a warm beverage. 

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