5 Tips to Keep you Going Through the Winter

5 tips to keep you going through the winterEvery winter my motivation to workout plummets. I know you feel it too because I see it in class attendance numbers.  It’s much easier to say “no” to a workout when it’s dark and cold out  and in the winter there’s much more of both. As a result, I always have my eye out for new techniques and strategies on how to cope with the winter blues. I recently came across an article on Health.com that offered some really great advice on how to combat the problem and I wanted to share some my favorite pieces of advice from the article with you:

  • Warm up on the way - Getting your blood flowing en route to your workout can be a great idea. A quick morning jog to class to wake you up, burn extra calories and get you in the zone a time saver and a beneficial way to get your blood flowing. Firing up a podcast is a fantastic way to keep your attention on something of interest while you walk or run to the gym.  It can always be a challenge to get yourself up and moving but just think about how great you feel once you’re up. There is no better feeling!

  • Following influencers - Following your favorite fitness inspiration on social media & through their email newsletters is a must! Most fitness go-ers share their sweaty selfies, videos of them working out, their post workout meals or their fitness gear. Those are all things that I know positively influence me to want to perfect my routine, give it my best and look good doing it. I’d shoot to follow 3 fitness coaches, 2 meditation and wellness bloggers, 2 foodies and 2 swag shops to keep things manageable. However, there’s a fine line between inspiration and comparison so just be sure you’re following accounts that make you feel great.  

  • Become a Regular - Find a workout that you love and stick to it -- especially in the winter. If you don’t like running don’t run. When I created my All-Access Subscription I made sure to keep variety in mind, so that you could become a “regular” and still see varying workouts each day and each week. We like what we like, and when we find it what we like, it’s easier to stick with it! And over time, if you stick to your routines, you’ll get better at your practice and improve! That’s the goal.

  • Become pals with your coach. Obviously I loved this tip because I love when my clients reach out to me on their off days. It shows me they care and they want to see change. It holds them accountable too. When I know you’re putting in the work, it makes me want to be the best coach I can be in return. That’s not to say to overwhelm your coach with information, thought. Set up a consultation if need be, catch them for a few minutes before or after class to let them know what you’re working on and why you’re there. Overtime you’ll build a very beneficial and positive relationship that can help to launch you into to levels you never thought possible.

  • Early bedtime is everything - Getting into a routine that sets you up for an early bedtime means you’re going to have a very productive day tomorrow. I recently started to go to bed at 9:30pm to get up at 4:45am - 5am and, WOW, what a healthy outcome! I’m SO focused. I feel rested. I get so much done very early on in the day, leaving more time for myself after 3pm. The key is to do this all the time, not just a few days a week. Once you nail down this schedule you will see how amazing you feel and how great you’ll look! I’ve been using the Bedtime settings on my iPhone to track my sleep. It’s worth looking into.

Try implementing just 1 or 2 of the tips above this winter and I promise your blues will start to diminish.

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