Ways to Keep your Energy Level High

Are you finding it difficult to stay alert throughout the day, feeling sluggish in the middle of the afternoon, struggling with adrenal fatigue, or maybe you are just plain exhausted? Then it's time we change that! Luckily, there are affordable and easy ways to banish your tiredness and boost your energy levels to get that spring back in your step And to make it better, all of these methods are natural.

Drop the extra cups of coffee, those speculated energy drinks and try these inexpensive methods instead. You should notice an awesome turnaround in your energy levels.


These little seeds are filled with energy boosting properties that will provide your body with enough nutritional bang!. The benefits of these seed was first discovered by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans as they used them during wars to keep their alertness and energy levels up. Modern studies and researches have shown that chia seeds contain the essential fatty acids we need to help us combat inflammation, regulate our glands, and fight adrenal fatigue. They're are also rich in fiber and protein! Quite the superfood :) 


Drinking fresh vegetable juice will provide you with the right amount of energy you need to get through your day. Since your body doesn't have to do much work before reaping the nutritional benefits through digestion, you'll be able to notice an increase in energy almost immediately. Furthermore, vegetable juices will remove toxins from your body and help nourish your cells.

If you feel like you are getting sick, or you are experiencing signs of an oncoming illness, then you should try drinking healthy juices as it can help stop the illness in its tracks while ensuring that your energy levels remain intact. Make your own veggie juice and skip all of those juices sold in stores; most of them are loaded with preservatives, sugar and some ingredients that won't be good for your health. 


Tossing and turning all through the night can make you feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning. Getting a good nights rest allows your body to restore and repair any stresses that your body has gone through during the day. Also, a by-product of cell activity known as Adenosine is one of the things that supports tiredness in humans. Adenosine is created during the day, but is cleared out from our body system during the night, making us wake up alert and refreshed. Below are some nice tips that can help you getting a better nights rest:

  • Ensure that your sleeping time is scheduled. Make sure you go to bed and wake up the same time each and every day, including weekends. Doing this will help with the regulation of your internal body clock.
  • Stop taking caffeine after 3 p.m. The effects of caffeine can last up to 12 hours.
  • Write down whatever is keeping you up at night or stressing you out and making you unable to have a good night sleep. Take action and make appropriate shifts!