Meditation + Your Health

A long while back, meditation used to be considered an ascetic and mysterious act depicted by Buddhist monks. But now people are realizing how beneficial meditation can be and how it can help improve their lifestyle health!

Meditation has gone mainstream so much to the extent that even military programs make use of it to treat soldiers who are experiencing substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Meditation is becoming more and more accepted as research shows that it provides significant amount of benefits to human health. Below are some benefits that can be derived from practicing meditation;


In a small study that was recently carried out, it was detected that people who engaged in loving-kindness meditation were able to lower their heart rates and decrease their stress levels. A higher concentration of nitrate was also found in their bloodstreams; nitrates help lower blood pressure. When non-meditators also engaged in the practice, their stress level was significantly reduced and they experienced a significant rise in their relaxation levels. The loving-kindness meditation practice is a Buddhist practice that helps with developing unselfish kindness, unconditional love, and compassion to one's self. A big one I preach all the time! 


According to a study carried out by the University of Utah, meditation can be beneficial to our sleep life. Meditation is a variation of mindfulness training that helps us control mood and emotion. It has been determined that people who have higher levels of mindfulness training can control their behaviors and emotions during the day. It also helps them with lower activation at night, and this provides them with the ability to manage stress and have quality sleep.


This is another vital benefit of meditation. It helps stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system; this is the part of our nervous system that brings the body back to a relaxed and calm state after an event or threat of danger or daily stress has passed. This stimulation enables the body to naturally repair, rejuvenate, and rebuild itself.


Meditation can help you break away from that unhealthy habit you usually crave for. It will help you detach all of the emotions that are related to the action from the action itself to the extent that you'll be able to drop the habit without picking it up again. Sound like a tongue twister, but apply this to your life and bad habits! You can break it. 


If you are looking for a way to shed off some pounds in order to get healthier, meditation might be the right activity for you to engage in. In a survey that was carried out recently, seven out of ten psychologists agreed that mindfulness training is a good or excellent strategy for weight loss. When you become more aware of your intake, how you're working out and when, you can absolutely see the positive effects like weight loss and less bloating. 


One out of five pregnant women experience depression during pregnancy, but those who have the higher risk of being depressed can benefit from practicing mindfulness meditation.