3 Ways to Unwind

You work all day; connecting, juggling logistics, meeting different project deadlines, battling commutes; you might have been putting out fires, searching for lost toys, squeezing in errands or planning for travel completely disregarding your well being and state of mind. 

As the day progresses, you eagerly anticipate those moments of calm where you get to eat a good meal alone, have a small mindless chat with a friend, sip some tea and reflect or catch up on a good book before bed. Those are appreciated even more after a crazy start to a long day. 

Once you get home, your body is ready to take a leap onto the sofa to unwind but your brain is still in overdrive, going a mile per minute, sifting through what still has to be done. This can be super frustrating and may prompt you to question things like, ”Why can't I relax?" “Why didn’t I just schedule that meeting for another time?” or “Why can’t my mind simply turn off for once?”

According to physiology, transitioning from the navigation of stress one has passed through during the day into the relaxed, peaceful and "safe" state you so desire is very challenging for your mind & body to do at once. If you really want to unwind after a long day, you'll have to train your mind how to go into relaxation mode with ease. 

So how do we do this? The answer is simple but requires your efforts. Follow these easy transition rituals that will help your mind & body ease into a relaxed state.


The hustle and bustle might have taken a toll on you but before leaving work spend five minutes going through your to-dos and finish any loose ends. This will provide your brain with reassurance, making sure that it doesn't take a midnight run telling you about the vet appointment you have coming up. Doing this will ensure that your brain stays at ease. It's all about writing reminder notes, prioritizing to-dos and leaving the things that are out of your control. 


Taking a break or going neutral during the day is not only going to help to have a relaxed state of mind; it’s going to provide you with a stronger focus which could in turn increase your productivity levels. Most athletes know that these relaxation rituals are the focal point of sustained maintenance that is why they always practice them. You can set a reminder alarm so you won't get too entangled in your business and forget about taking a quick step back. Look around, take deep breaths, look out your window, stretch, and rejuvenate your energy levels in any way possible during those few minutes to yourself. 


The same way bedtime rituals help kids learn how to relax and settle down, transition or relaxation rituals can help adults unwind after a long day. There are a lot of ways to go through with this and some of them include a simple walk around the park, listening to music, meditation and breath work, or warm epsom baths. The basic idea is to find something that relieves you of stress, try your best to make it into a routine and then follow the routine religiously; that’s when it becomes a ritual! The good thing is, getting used to your ritual habit will only take a few weeks. Follow the ritual and you'll see your quality of life and your sleep patters improve. You may also find yourself being more productive!