SerenaFit Wellness Routine

My SerenaFit weekly wellness routine is ready to be shared with all of you awesome people! I hope you're inspired to make healthy changes this week, build off of whatever you've been working on + find time for self-care & relaxation. It's May so no better time to set yourself up for successful Summer. Beach time, roof deck hang outs and backyard gatherings are all on my calendar - what's on yours!

I'll see you online friends! #serenafitanywhere


Day One: Incorporate a yoga or flow routine into your schedule. Don't underestimate a mat workout ladies! Head to a class or join us as at CoreCardio Express every Tuesday Morning. We get it done, together. 


Day Two: Focus on how you can up your AM protein shake game. Protein powders come in all sorts of flavors + dietary varieties. Find one that works for your lifestyle or get a bunch of sample packs! My favorite is Vanilla Whey from Whole Foods or RAW. More on my Insta! 

Day Three: Lean and green dinners are my go-to. I eat veggies for my carbohydrate intake and go to town with the salt free seasonings! Save the rice and other starches for lunch. This way you save a ton of calories + money. Cook at home guys! This was my dinner last Thursday and it took about 15 minutes from start to finish. YUM :)

Check in with me on Facebook + Instagram @serenafitness. I'm excited to see you online or at class! Have a wonderful week <3