Live Workout Video


We had such a great time working out LIVE with you on Instagram this week!

ICYMI, here's the video! It's a quick total body strength circuit using body weight and a yoga mat.

We were able to set up an awesome spot outside to workout, which is something I love showing clients. You don't need to be inside in a dark basement or in a crowded gym. You can get fit, anywhere. With a few pieces of equipment, a small amount of time and a strong focus on your nutrition, you can make fitness happen anywhere. That's what I want to show you through my SerenaFit workouts and through my LIVE sessions taught daily on! I hope to see you sign on to more of my online events :) 

Bookmark this and add it to your rolodex of workouts to do this week. See you online! #noexcuses #serenafitfam