Essential Tips for the Holiday Weekend

Yes! We made it guys. Holiday Weekends - the start to Summer fun, weekend beach trips, deck hang outs, cute outfits + sunny days. It's like a weight has been lifted. I feel inspired to get out + walk, relax in my deck chair after dinner and eat light + healthy foods that leave me feeling nourished. 

Here are a few weekend tips to get you set up for a fun, fit and enjoyable few days :) 


Go into the weekend loving yourself. Don't think, "Ugh bathing suit time. My body isn't ready." or "Oh no there's going to be a lot of unhealthy snacks around me. How can I resist?" Just chill girl. So as long as you know you're working out, staying active and always striving to eat clean, healthy portions, you can hang anywhere. My go tos? Raw veggies + hummus. Cute bathing suit wraps that cover up any uncomfortable areas paired with fun accessories like a hat + beach bag. Infused waters and fruit (like berries!) It's your time to relax so let it all go and soak up the FUN. If you want a quick, feel good workout sign up for my mobile fitness platform here - 30m express workouts you can cue up anywhere!

Ditch work + leave the entire weekend up to YOU. Don't pull out papers to grade. Don't bring your computer to work on projects. Ditch it. It can wait. Do LESS. Sign yourself up for local fun - maybe there's a live band playing at the sand bar, maybe there are fireworks or a holiday 5k to race at a leisurely pace. Maybe there's a street fair, or maybe there's nothing happening and you have the entire day to sit and read your fav mags and books. Get after it girlfriend. No time is more valuable than your downtime. 

Shut the social media down. I'm not even going to elaborate. Turn it off - simple as that. 

Create your backyard for the Summer. Get creative! Hit up the dollar store, Home Depot, or Five Below and grab up outdoor rugs, a small table for drinks, folding chairs and some flowers / pots to trick out your back patio or yard. I just did this and WOW. What a different a few plants can make. Set a budget - $100 or $200 - don't go over it and just get what you need to make a small difference. It pays off in big ways when you have a mini oasis to escape to all summer long! 

Create a playlist of your best songs. Fire up those old school jams from 2000! I feel alive when I hear one of my favorites from the past. I could dance the day away. Do it! 

Play in the kitchen with family and friends. Pull up Pinterest and head straight to "healthy desserts." Make something new - get all the ingredients on a fun family trip to the market (grab sparklers!!) and come home to make it together. Brew up your favorite flavored, unsweetened iced tea and have a deck hang out enjoying your tea and treats as sunset, without the guilt. I'm doing this!! <3 

Wear sunscreen - hydrate and be safe above all else! Cheers!

<3 Serena