Client Transformation!

When I asked my long time client and friend Alyssa to share her before and after pics, there was definitely some hesitation. I've been there. I know that feeling - not wanting to see you hadn't made any progress. 

Chances are pretty high that you make more progress than you may realize since you see yourself everyday. We don't notice small changes or even big ones, when in fact we're making leaps and bounds. Consistency is key and if you're on that train, you will no doubt see a result. And that's exactly what happened to Alyssa. A ton of progress as been made and I'm SO proud. She's wildly inspiring and I'm so happy to have been a part of her journey. Congratulations! 

"I pulled an old photo from last August (2017) when I went to the beach and just took that latest photo about ten minutes ago. Honestly, I'm freaking shocked. I did not expect to see such a change because I see myself every day and I DO NOT see that dramatic a change in my own body, but I can feel it. I started increasing my weights and got back to my macro counting about 8 weeks ago - which has actually been pretty easy given all the coaching you gave me when we first started working together two years ago. 

Every time I'm sitting here staring at my crazy protein intake for macros, I think back to your meal plan and guide, and when I'm struggling through a workout, I hear "Dude, what are you doing? Get up. Let's go." Then I remind myself that I CAN do it because I did it two years ago when I worked with you (and in worse shape, too). YOU showed me that my limits exist in my head, and it kickstarted my entire journey to who I am and where I am now."