Client Transformation

Aliza has made so many positive changes throughout the past year! She's worked with me closely on figuring out what strategies work best for her. There is definitely not a one sized fits all approach to weight loss + working out - she is a great example of how this is true! 

Before working with me she trained with coaches that may not have fully understood her goals, she tried short-term programs and wasn't necessarily learning about how to eat well as the days went on. We were able to match up and quickly realized that things were on a stronger path than what she had experienced before! I'm happy to see her continue to progress and enjoy the program. Congrats Aliza! 

"The two biggest factors that have helped me see big changes from working with Serena are the nutritional support and accessibility. I work crazy hours so I love being able to get in a great workout from home, and the all inclusive price of the platform encourages me to work out daily. Logging my food and getting real time feedback from Serena has really been the biggest factor in my success. Her meal programming is easy to follow and easy to adapt to my busy lifestyle, as a doctor!" - Aliza G.