My Go-To Tequila Recipe

I like to keep things really easy when it comes to drinking. If I'm imbibing, I'm enjoying my time off; taking in new conversation, connecting with friends and family, staying away from my cell phone etc. I don't want to have to worry too much about how much sugar or junk is being added to my adult beverage, so I avoid it altogether. 

I take the Skinny Marg to the max by asking for extra light agave, a thin layer of salt around the rim and extra lime to take out that bite that comes from the liquor. I don't need to have too many to feel the effects + I don't have that plastic-like after taste in my mouth that would come from those pre-made mixers! Yuck. Stick to fresh ingredients and you'll be in the clear. 

Here's the recipe. Make it at home, or ask for it next time you're at a taco night! 

  • 2-3 parts tequila
  • 1/2 tbsp agave nectar 
  • fresh lime juice to taste
  • ice 

Mix, add salt on the rim and seltzer water to fill to the brim. Garnish with 2 lime wedges.

Enjoy responsibly!

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