Throwback: How to dress well with Lindsay Miller

It's always good to be reminded that how you dress reflects how you want to rep yourself. I used to always go for the baggy shirts and old school gym shorts when I worked out. Now, it's about trying new styles, colorful leggings + cute sports bras! I love it. When you elevate your personal appearance, you elevate your life. Simple as that. 

I met with Lindsay Miller a few years back, who sat with me and chatted about what it takes to feel great in your own skin. Spoiler alert: It doesn't take much! 

Cue up our chat on your walk in to work today and think about how you can add a few new pieces to your wardrobe this Fall. Take a risk! Grab that leather jacket. Rock the bright skirt with tights and booties. Dust on that purple eyeshadow for a fun pop :) Standing out is a good thing. You got this girlfriend.