“It’s better to give it my all than to stay comfortable”

"Burpees never get easier but I definitely have gotten stronger!” says Susan Myers, 53, SerenaFit client and All Access Member. “I want people to know that it’s a very smart idea to get going no matter how old you are.”

Susan came to me after a 2 year bout with plantar fasciitis, and we started with in-person training. Being a former runner, she knew she had to get back in the game now that she was starting to feel better, but had hesitations,  “Starting back in a routine post break was hard. I needed a coach and I needed to learn how to workout again. I knew that if I winged it, things wouldn’t stay consistent for me.” She explained, “I went to the gym but didn’t have any direction so it wasn’t beneficial at all.” I know a lot of you share this similar feeling of fear, doubt and worry like Susan did when starting something new. This is one of the reasons why I asked her to share her story.

At the beginning I set Susan (and a couple of her fellow teachers from work who decided to join in) up with a regimen that included tons of conditioning drills, bodyweight cardio intervals, weight training stations and short distance running, and we met twice a week for the entire school year. By the end of the school year, Susan and her cohorts saw huge gains. But it didn’t end there.


When I launched my online program earlier in the year Susan was one of the first subscribers on the platform. She told me she wanted something similar to the small group classes she was used to from the school year, but was ready for something a little different that would offer more variety and convenience and the All-Access program fit the bill. As she put it, “I feel like what I’m able to accomplish during the 30 minute classes online is equivalent to the 45 minute in person sessions from before. We are super focused and get the workout done really efficiently online. There’s no down time so things keep moving. It’s so convenient, I have the accountability I need and I don’t have to lug my gym clothes around town and to work with me anymore.”

As a result of Susan’s in-person training and now online training with the All Access subscription, she’s more active and physically fit than ever before. In addition to the 3 online classes she takes with me each week, she manages to squeeze in a run, spin class, and swim on her off days. Not to mention, Susan recently ran a 15k trail race (that’s 9.32 miles on uneven terrain!) after taking 2 back-to-back classes with me.  If that’s not kicking plantar fasciitis in the but, I don’t know what is. I’m so amazed at what she’s set up for herself, what she’s been able to accomplish and enjoy all at the same time!



Not only has the online program helped Susan achieve her recovery and fitness goals, but it’s also positively affected her mood and attitude. Susan described, “I can honestly say that I’ve gotten rid of my negative self talk. I was always joking, laughing and kind of making fun of myself in group settings to almost hide behind my fear of failure. It was me being scared. But as I began to physically feel stronger, I shifted my mindset and literally starting saying out loud, ‘celebrate what you can do.’ I made a real awareness of how I was talking to myself and what i was saying to myself. When I began to tell myself that every little tick of progress counted, and actually believed it, I felt a weight lifted. I’m still working on it but I’ve made giant strides and I can feel the positive effects.”

She made things happen for herself which is very inspiring to watch as a coach and as a friend.

I wanted to highlight Susan for her hard work, consistency and dedication, and to show you a little more about the All Access subscription. Susan is just 1 example of the kick-ass girls you’ll meet online in class. I’m so proud of your achievements in strength + endurance, Susan! Thank you for being such a fabulous inspiration to all of us!