How HIIT Training Can Help You Be Healthy


HIIT training has been buzzing around the fitness industry for a while, and rightfully so! It's one of the most effective ways to workout, speed up results and working out your heart, in a short amount of time. HIIT is an acronym for high intensity interval training. In brief, this means that you're working at a max level for a short interval and working at moderate level for a longer interval. You repeat these rolling intervals for a set amount of time using weights, working on a cardio machine or for plyometric (jumping) drills. It can be used for any kind of functional training.


One of the #1 reasons I love coaching HIIT is because it works the heart. We often forget that the heart is a muscle and it needs to be worked just like the rest of our muscles. The stronger your heart gets the better long-term health you'll have. The payoff is improved cardiovascular fitness. "Aerobic or cardiovascular training is designed to develop a healthier heart and circulatory system," says Howard Knuttgen, research associate in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and a past president of the American College of Sports Medicine. "Some regimen of aerobic training is really essential to good health.”



Another great thing about HIIT training is it can be modified to any fitness level. If you're a beginner you can lengthen the station time so you have more time to work and recover. If you're an intermediate, you can choose to use lighter weights or slowly start incorporating heavier weights into your strength stations. If you're advanced, you can customize the high intensity intervals so you're maxing out every round, pushing yourself further and further each session. You can add weights, subtract weights, pick low impact cardio stations, keep it all bodyweight or take it to the machines and most importantly, you're able take your workout anywhere.



In a survey I conducted with my All Access members last month, I asked what type of workout they would like to see on the class calendar. I offered yoga, Pilates, strength training, HIIT, meditation + stretching. Can you guess what everybody picked? HIIT + strength! This comes to no surprise. Most of us love to FEEL ourselves working hard so we can register that we've gotten in a good workout. HIIT workouts do this for us. As a coach, I can keep the variety alive and offer progressions and regressions for each exercise making the workout doable for every member, despite their fitness level. The survey results confirmed that HIIT and strength training will continue to be a major focus of the subscription package.



Overall, HIIT is the way to go. I'm always pushing the take-your-workout-anywhere, concept because it helps to create that ideal, balanced lifestyle we’re all looking for. We want to be healthy, we want our workouts to be fun, different and challenging, and we want all of that to come with little effort..  With its numerous health benefits, ability to be easily customized and appeal to my current subscribers, HIIT training answers all of that and more. As a result, as I continue to tweak and improve my online subscription, you’ll see more of this theme woven throughout the subscription, starting with a few new classes on the schedule this fall. For example, Mondays at 7pm is Total Body Tamer: My signature class that features repetition, power intervals, weight training + plyometrics. Thursdays starting at 630am is ULTRAFIT: A class that challenges your strength endurance, will-power and focus. I incorporate Crossfit-style programming using EMOMs and AMRAPs.


In the meantime, I've attached a sample beginner HIIT training workout for you to try out, that can easily be customized to your activity level. I used a short time interval and a variety of body weight exercises. Over time, as you get better at performing each move, try adding heavier weights, work on speed, or try a harder version of an exercise. It's important you keep yourself moving forward to avoid plateaus! Looking forward to seeing you online in ULTRAFIT this fall!