10 Ways to Burn 30,000 Calories at Work

Working through lunch is common for a lot of us who have demanding careers.  Emails come through the second the day starts. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you haven't gotten up from your desk. No Bueno!

The goal is to keep your body moving throughout the day to not only keep your metabolism revved but to keep yourself functional, loose and fit. Sitting for hours at a time can inhibit joint flexibility, encourage poor posture and harbor extra belly fat - something I know we definitely don't want to see come bathing suit season, which is just around the corner. 

According to Xdesk, you can burn up to 30,000 more calories per year or about 8 pounds of fat, just from standing for the most of the day. That's a huge number and is motivating to boot. 

So how do we start marking changes to influence positive behavior?

Here are few ideas to get started this week:

#1: During your lunch break, find a local park or large plaza/parking lot and take 2-3 laps as you drink a bottle of water. You'll get your blood flowing and hydrate all at the same time. With your remaining 15-30 minutes, eat your prepackaged lunch. 

#2: Ask a friend if you can go with them to get their lunch. Bring your own, but go with them for the chance to move and bond with a co-worker. When you come back, enjoy eating your own meal with them. You not only saved money here, but you burned extra calories and got yourself away from your computer screens. Always a bonus! 

#3: Plan your trips to the bank or ATM in between work breaks. Hitting the bank only takes 5-10 minutes which is a perfect amount of time to get out and move. Consider running other errands like getting your dry cleaning, making a trip to CVS, the pharmacy or market during this time as well. 

#4: If you have a semi-casual work call scheduled, try to take it outside or down to the lobby. Walk and talk. Everything counts. (This one is my favorite!)

#5: If you work at home, set a timer and get up every hour on the hour. Grab water, make tea or step outside for ten minutes. Soak up the mid-day sun, breathe in fresh air and stretch your legs. This is essential. You’ll find yourself with a fresh perspective when you return. 

#6: Get a standing desk! This one has become a huge trend. I feel like every month, another one of my clients is texting me, filled with excitement because of their new workstation. The standing desk makes standing at work a breeze! It sounds like it’s well worth the investment. 

#7: Host whiteboarding sessions, team leadership meetings or break room roundtables that get people up and interacting. These can be scheduled daily or weekly. They’re put in place to encourage workplace productivity, but also improve employees skills, habits, relationships and focus. 

#8: Clean your office for ten minutes, twice a day. Organize your papers, wipe down counters, computers, files, shared spaces and mini fridge. If your office is clean, head to the community space. You’ll not only help yourself but you’ll help keep the office flu-free, organized + happy. 

#9: Pick a lunch spot that requires you to walk an extra three to five blocks. Going to the same places can get boring. Switch things up, pop in your headphones and power walk to your new lunch spot. An extra two hundred or five hundred steps will make a huge difference. 

#10: Stop taking the elevator! When you head out for lunch, take the stairs back up to your office instead of waiting for the elevator. Is it on the twentieth floor? Build into it! Walk five flights, then ten, then twenty. It’s a fun mini-challenge that you can work on every week. You’ll love yourself for it. 

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