Two Things I Love to Eat for Breakfast

I used to struggle with what to have for breakfast. I would bounce back and forth between skipping it altogether and bingeing. I would end up consuming too many calories that weren’t the nutritious kind and set up myself up for a day of random eating.

I was often in a rush to get to the office or class and I never felt like I had time to make a healthy breakfast. I would waste so much time trying to figure out how to make it balanced. Not very effective in trying to reach my weight loss goals! I needed to narrow my options down.

I realized that there were two very simple and healthy options that I loved so I stuck with them! Decision fatigue is very real when you are trying to lose weight. Eliminating choices made it easier for me to stay committed to my meal plan. It really helped me regain my focus.

Protein smoothies and oatmeal are perfect breakfast options for me because I can make them with my pantry and freezer staples! I always keep frozen fruit in my freezer and shelf-stable plant-based milk - two ingredients I can use in both meals.  

Put a scoop of protein powder into a blender. Mix with milk + fruit. A balanced shake is ready in a minute! I love that I can take these with me in the car to make my mornings even easier.

With my oatmeal, I love using different toppings like protein with hemp seeds, blueberries, chopped walnuts or nut butter. I’m always satisfied after a bowl of oats.

Oatmeal also is my go-to breakfast when I’m traveling. If I am in a new city visiting friends, I pick up those small on-the-go containers where you can just add hot water. It is an easy option to fuel my adventures.

During the warmer weather, when I’m not into having hot foods, meal prepping overnight oats is even easier. With a few minutes of prep time, I can wake-up to a delicious meal!

There are countless ways to mix things up. Smoothie recipes and oatmeal combinations are easy to change around especially when the seasonal fruit is at the market. You can get creative.

Would you ever try this? What two foods would you pick? Comment below!

Author: Laura K.

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