Workout Hair Hacks That Save Time

I'm seriously lacking when it comes to post-workout hair hacks! I coach online sessions in the morning and almost always wear my hair up or in a hat. Thankfully we've rallied a few awesome ideas to try this week. 

In the virtual studio, we get our workouts done before the day starts, but what if you want to save even more time by doing your hair the night before? Pulling off a mid-day workout can be great for your daily routine, but not super easy to do when you have to head back to the office and look put together. 

Going to get a blow-out isn't affordable or convenient either, so let's try to hack our way through with some tips from eSalon!

I'm thinking I'll start after tomorrow mornings session with the dry shampoo to see how things go, then do a quick blow dry finish to smooth things out. This way I can look good for what's up next on my calendar! 

What are your hacks? I'd love to know! We're in this together 😍 


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