Why the SuperBowl is So Motivating to Me!

I was thinking about the Eagles' big SuperBowl win today and how amazing a feeling it is to WORK HARD for something for so long to have it pay off to the Nth degree. 

As a coach, I connect to this feeling from an athletic standpoint. A committed athlete gets up every day, even on the days they don't want to, days they're tired, days they're upset, days they feel like this isn't for them and days that it's cold with the hope that they'll make it to the top one day. 


The odds were again the Eagles, having an injured QB mid-season. Every fan, sportscaster and Philly native thought, "No way. You cant win a SuperBowl with a backup QB." Before we knew it, Nick Foles was flying on the field, showing everybody that he was as good if not better than Carson Wentz. 

Imagine, you just start a new job and your boss gets sick. You're called in to take over. The entire company is counting on you, your drive, focus + determination to do whatever it takes to reach the next level. What do you do? You believe in yourself, visualize the goal and get it done.

Coaching for 10+ years now, I get chills thinking about stories like these! I'm obsessed with athletic success. Be it the Olympics, championships or races, you name it - I'm fired up about watching it. Maybe it's my competitive nature, but really its a reminder to me that we're all capable of SO much more than we think! 

I hope that anybody who's on a personal mission to achieve success uses this story as inspiration. It's stories like these that remind us anything is possible. Next time you don't want to get up to workout, meet that early client, go the extra mile or work to improve yourself, replay stories like these in your mind. 

Hard work adds ups, our determination gets us far and focus keeps us on track. Paint your ultimate success story today and don't forget about it. You can literally do anything you want to do in this life and that's something to get up for.