Monthly Motivation

Keep your mind + body active

Guys, I'm back in school! Well, kind of πŸ˜…. I recently registered for a Digital Platforms course through an extension of Columbia University Business School! My classmates are from all over the world; Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, India, Switzerland etc. It's SO inspiring. 

I decided to take this ten-week course to not only improve my business knowledge but to keep my mind active. You all know I never stop moving, working out and I rarely sit down so my physical movement wasn't something to worry about. But my mind needed some work. 

It's easy to get into a familiar rhythm where things start to work on autopilot. I realized that my vocabulary, open-mindedness + memory were falling behind so I had to take action. Have you ever felt this way?!

Reading normally helps this and there are many apps out there that can help improve memory/focus too. But I wanted more, as usual 😌. I thought, "Why not improve in various areas of my business + coaching career while I work on my personal well being?"

What can you do this month to challenge your mind + body in a new way? Maybe you're the opposite of me and are constantly reading, strategizing and learning but it's your body that needs a kick in the pants. What can you do to make your time investment worth it in the end?

I'd love to hear what you're up to and/or have in mind. Reply or share something and tag me online. Have a wonderful, safe, productive month ahead. I'm outside as I write today, enjoying a bit of sun and mid-day air. Spring-is-a-comin' πŸŒ·

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