3 Practical Ways to Freshen up your Home

My mentor always told me to have fresh cut flowers on my desk. Flowers are happy! They're pretty to look at and calming, to say the least. They spark creativity, trigger positive thoughts, and can bring character to an otherwise dull space. Trader Joes and any local farmer's market sell fresh bouquets for under $10. I'm always sure to grab some when I see them. 

Here are my favorite lifestyle tips on how to freshen up your home this season: 

1. Have flowers in your bedroom, kitchen & workspace. There's nothing better than turning to your nightstand to be greeted with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. It can make your personal space feel zen. Kitchen flowers can make your place look magazine worthy. I think the kitchen is a place to meet with friends and family so why not add that personal touch with blooming petals. There's also something very therapeutic about cutting and arranging flowers. You're creating something so simple, yet so effective. 
2. Create a breakfast bar. Pick a corner in your kitchen and make a mini tea bar. There are so many delightful teas that have the ability to capture the essence of the warmer months in a single cup! I just created one and added dry oats, colorful tea bags (orange, green, yellow), lemon infused water and a fresh fruit bowl. It's SO great to have and proves to be very functional. In addition, it makes me want to make healthier choices. It triggers a level of awareness and reminds me to treat my body well. 

3. Give your mirrors and windows a solid cleaning. The first thing I do each morning is walk into the kitchen to open up all the blinds to let in the fresh sunlight. It's a beautiful 60 seconds I have to myself; to look out and feel nothing but love and positivity for the day ahead. Giving them a good cleaning will allow you to enjoy these moments on a deeper level. The same goes for mirrors. We want to look our best every day before we go out to take it all on. Our mirrors should be clean so we can see our beautiful reflections. This way we can easily remind ourselves how fabulous we all are.

Other easy ways to feel lighter in your space this season: Donate ten items a month to charity, toss old or unhealthy pantry items, vacuum/Swiffer once a week, disinfect bathrooms, doorknobs, remotes, community areas, change your sheets every ten days, fluff pillows and light allergy-free candles, journal your gratitude, call family and invite friends to your space to put it to use! 

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