Homemade Taco Bowl

You had me at TACOS.

Mexican is one of my top three favorite cuisines however, it can be a slippery slope when you're sitting at those vibrant tables, surrounded by good friends, good vibes and good food. 

Hear me out and follow my strategy below to bring Mexican fare to your table at home, the SerenaFit way!

So my first goal is to get the chips out of the way. One Mexican-style chip at the restaurant is 22 calories. Do the math. Scary. I've cleared out an entire basket before which is why my carbohydrate macro count was totally shot after one meal! Carbs should be coming from the veggies and beans (or sometimes corn tortillas) - not complex carbs / white carbs. 

I stick to creating Mexican bowls that are loaded with seasoned chicken, lean turkey or lean beef (on occasion). I use taco seasoning which runs about 20 calories per tbsp. You can make your own seasoning as well using cumin and pepper etc. 4-5oz is my go-to amount. 

I top the meat with unlimited veggies like chopped peppers and spinach. I will add tomatoes, salsa + guac (avocado, lime juice, tomato, green onion), hot sauce if I'm feeling spicy and Greek yogurt if I feel like I want that sour cream texture. I'm not huge on that but sometimes it's good to know your options! I'm a huge fan of black beans and kidney beans so adding 1/2 cup of those will be the essential carbs I'm looking to add that'll keep me feeling full, post meal. 

No cheese, sour cream, Spanish rice, flour tortillas, queso dips or refried beans (they mess with my stomach). 

Keep it fresh and light guys! It's really easy if you can avoid temptations. Don't forget that skinny margaritas are always the best beverage choice too (tequila, salt, lime juice, dash of agave + topped soda water).

There you have it - SerenaFit does Mexican right :) The best part is that you can probably get three nights worth of meals off of this recipe strategy so as long as you have enough lean meat in the freezer! Arriba!