How this routine helped increase my energy + drop 5 pounds​​​​​​​

A while back I felt myself slipping in the areas of focus, motivation and general sense of preparedness for life. Something just felt off. After visiting the doctor, I learned that there were abnormalities in my blood sugar count. The intense high protein, low carb diet that I had been following had worn on me and my body was pushing back.  I needed something in my daily life to shift so I could feel relaxed, organized, less bloated, happy and motivated on a daily basis, and also keep my blood sugar at a normal level. So I looked at my lifestyle habits a little closer, and found that my daily routine could use some tweaking.


The first thing I did was limit my meats + dairy products. Coming from a high protein, low carb diet I started by increasing the quality carbohydrates I was intaking and decreasing processed/hormone-packed proteins. I started with eggs. I know; crazy move because eggs are everywhere. But I pulled them out 100% and immediately felt less groggy. Next I pulled out extra portions of chicken, turkey, roasted chicken, yogurt and beef so I was only consuming 2-3 portions per week, compared to the 10-14 portions I was previously striving for. Right away my bloating went down, my skin appeared brighter and I slept better. I also increased my carbohydrate intake by adding foods like jasmine rice, potatoes, and veggies. I also allowed myself all-natural snacks like fruit strips, Larabars, Ezekiel products, nut butter and fruit.



The second modification I made was swapping out my normal breakfast of oats and eggs for a green shake. This shake was the recommendation of an integrative nutritionist, with some minor tweaks. The shake consisted of 2 scoops vegan vanilla protein + 1 cup frozen pineapple + 1 bunch spinach + 1 scoop super greens powder + 1 cup unsweetened almond milk + 1/2 avocado. It’s packed with everything you need to reverse fatigue, bloating + constipation, anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more. Expect to feel amazing and balanced if you start to add this into your routine, because I sure did.



The third change I made was incorporating positive mantras into my daily routine. Negative thoughts can often inhibit our best intentions, so these positive affirmations helped me remember my intentions and capabilities. Recited throughout the day, whenever negativity swirled into my head, or frustration hit, these positive reminders like, “I am rooted in joy today; All good things come to me,” and, “I am rooted in peace and am grateful to all opportunity”  helped me harness the negative thoughts and fill that space with positive energy. Mental health is often an uncomfortable topic mainly because we like to feel like we have everything under control and that it may mean something is “wrong” with us if we want to work on our minds. In reality, improving your mental health game and focusing inward is a true key to long term success in anything. Having 2-3 mantras, written out, that you can turn to when feeling doubtful or down can help you quickly redirect your energy to productivity and positivity throughout the day.  



The fourth and final thing I did was add an extra 5 minutes to my routine. It’s simple enough and made a world of a difference. Like most, I used to wait until the last possible minute to get up, throw on whatever was easily accessible, and head out the door to sessions. I was showing up groggy, mildly disheveled, and not feeling like my best self. This business that I spent hours building up, and my put my all into, was not being represented in my physical appearance. So, I started getting up 5 minutes earlier so I could do my makeup and hair and, put on a workout outfit that matched. I felt so much better representing myself and my business walking out the door with a more put-together look. Feeling more confident on the outside, I saw myself making better choices especially as the day went by. I didn’t want that after-meal treat. I walked a little taller and I felt a little stronger with each step, and as a result I welcomed more positivity into my life.



When it comes to self improvement, small, incremental investments go a long way. You may not see immediate change or progress, but if you stick to it, improvement will come. For me, these small changes have made me feel more on top of my game and ready to move myself and my business forward with my head held high. Once I put impatience, negative habits, and junk foods aside I cleared the path for self acceptance, positivity, relaxation and progress, which in turn helped me get my blood sugar back to a normal level, and even lose 5 pounds. Take a closer look at your lifestyle habits and try incorporating one of the healthy modifications I recommended above for yourself. Just remember, “Where focus goes, energy flows."