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LIVE + interactive fitness classes taught daily in our virtual studio! 


Read more about what classes are being offered this Winter on the All Access Subscription. We program our workouts to create maximum efficiency within a 30 minute session. We know that you're busy and that time is valuable so we don't waste time! These classes target total body work to help you become more fit + functional in a matter of weeks. 

All Access classes are coached in real-time, meaning you can see the coach, the coach can see you and you can see the other participants in the class. This is not a pre-recorded workout, video, dvd or youtube channel. You can wave hello to your coach and they will wave back! 

You'll get 1-1 attention, encouragement and support you need to become successful overtime, in the comfort of your own space. We're helping you save time and money by offering top notch workout programming from certified trainers at an incredible value. 

Select your membership option, peruse the class list and register for as many classes as you'd like. Members have unlimited access, drop-in guests have limited access based off of their pass purchases. 


6am -  BOXING (endurance + upper + lower body)

No mitts required. Grab 3-5 pound hand weights. Punch, kick + squat your way through this fun session!


6:30am - Lift + Lengthen (core, flexibility + balance)

Coach Ilana Ostrin takes you through this beginner-intermediate mat-based flow focusing on core and flexibility. No equipment required. 



6am - Power Yoga (mind, body + soul)

Coming March.


6:30am - CardioAbs Express (core, endurance)

1-minute bodyweight cardio stations backed with 1-minute ab focused stations; this class leaves you feeling energized! Minimal rest time makes this class your go-to HIIT workout of the week. No equipment required.


7am - Tabata Toner (total body, endurance)

We use our Tabata (interval) timer to work through 4 rounds of a total body exercise before we move on to the next. Weights needed! Each station is 20 seconds ON and 10 seconds of a REST. #nextlevel



5:30am - Fit Stop (total body, endurance)

Coach Tracy Simmons uses cardio intervals + free weights to strengthen and tone your entire body. You'll leave feeling ready for your day. This class is always a challenge! Weights needed. 



6am - Booty + Abs (legs, butt + core)

The name says it all! We'll be working through circuits focusing on  those trouble zones. Have free weights + resistance bands available.


6:30am - ULTRAFIT (strength endurance, total body)

Think XFit. We work through 20-minute AMRAPs pushing ourselves to the MAX. You'll need heavier weights for this session. Beginner-Advanced levels welcome. 


7:30am - BOXING (endurance, upper + lower body)

No mitts required! Grab 3-5 pound hand weights. Punch, kick + squat your way through this fun session! This is great for all levels. 



5:30am - HIIT + Arms (upper body + endurance)

Expect to work on your endurance during blasts of bodyweight cardio then back it with an upper body focus. The goal is to burn fat with the   cardio sets then sculpt our shoulders + arms. Weights needed! 


6am - Strength Flow coming May 2018! (low-impact, total body)



6:30am - Total Body Tamer (total body, strength)

I coach Total Body Tamer will the intention to sculpt + shape your entire body, utilizing cardio intervals _ strength sets. You'll need weights ranging from 3-15 pounds depending on your fitness level.


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Strength with Tracy
Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 10am