In-Person Training

Proper coaching gives you the chance to mold, create & strengthen a body you can love and enjoy.

“Serena, your occupation is your livliehood, and something you love, but it also impacts others’ lives and I think that’s so awesome. You’re the good kind of “enabler” :)”
— Briana T.


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My SerenaFit programs are super custom and can really be made part of any schedule, no matter how hectic yours may be. We all want to look and feel our best - In order to do that we have to take charge of what we're allowing and not allowing in our lives. It's up to you to make things happen.

To start crafting a body you love, we have to want to make a change to really reap the benefits of a long term training program. I put a lot of thought into my sessions because I want to see you, the busy working woman, succeed on every level. Let 's work together on getting fit through fun workouts & proper nutrition. 

Cheers to future success - I can't wait to get started!


Individual & Partner Training

There is nothing more rewarding for me as a coach, than to watch my clients reach their goals. Something clicks during our time together and things seem to fall into place seamlessly. 

Sessions Include

+  Monthly assessments including body fat & measurements
+   Weekly food journal review for custom nutritional coaching
+ 30 day goal setting to ensure success and consistency in your personal results
+   General meal plan provided to follow outside of session
+   Custom training using a variety of equipment including free weights, mats & boxing (optional)!
+   Text and email support for out of session guidance
+   Access to the private SerenaFit Coaching group on Facebook
+   My personal dedication to your experiences training within the SerenaFit community
+   Each session addresses individuals goals, fitness level and physical capabilities. 
*All sessions are on a case by case basis; training outside, in studio or at home.


Sign Up! 

Learn more about your options to train with me, in person, below. Get excited about the community you're about to join - we're in it together. 

Session guidelines + fine print

All sessions will be scheduled out 30 days ahead, on a monthly basis. Invoices will be sent based off the 30 day session count. 

Any session, INCLUDING classes (both online and in person) that are cancelled within 12 hours of the start time, will result in a forfeit. If I need to cancel, I will be reschedule your session. Any cancellations outside of the 12 hour timeframe, will be rescheduled, based off of availability. Follow this link to read about this in detail. 

If you cancel, you must reschedule the session during the time of cancellation. “I can’t make our Thursday session anymore. But I can train on Friday, Monday or Wednesday instead.”

All services will be paid for online using Square, Stripe or Venmo. No cash payments will be accepted at this time. 

Each client can bring a friend or spouse to session one time, for free. After that, partner rates apply. 

Online classes will be on despite the head count. Ideally we have at least 3 people per class, otherwise be ready to work. If you sign up, plan for it being a GO!

If you refer a friend to a SerenaFit class who purchases a full price class package, I will give you one accountability call for free, to be used within 10 days. 

“Thanks again, Serena! You’re the best! I’m glad I got up on this rainy morning to work out with you. Thanks for motivating me every time to be better. Have a great day!”
— Danielle



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