Nutrition is number one when you're trying to tighten up, gain more energy, properly fuel your body, and see long term results.


Take the time out to learn how your intake works either for or against you. Commit to making long lasting changes that will yield a lifetime of success!



Living a SerenaFit Life means many things. One of the most important points here is that you're making the best choices when confronted with food temptations, peer pressure, social pressures and demanding work schedules. Knowing what to eat and when, how to eat, how much to eat, where to find the best foods and understanding what your body reacts to, are all things nobody really teaches you, right?

I quickly realized this when I found myself at my heaviest weight back in 2007, before I started SerenaFit. So much goes into it figuring all of this out!

I wanted to make a change for myself that resulted in a better appearance, increased energy, consistent sleep, portioned plates and general knowledge of what it meant to life a healthy life. It became really apparent to me that food was the real answer here. I began to eat more veggies, I cut back on the junk and alcohol, portioned my meals out, tracked my intake using My Fitness Pal, asked questions to coaches I knew, and maintained a certain level of consistency with everything. Things changes, and my body was on it’s way to becoming healthy again. 

Can you relate to any of this? Hopefully, you can, as a busy, working city girl.

The SerenaFit Lean Meal Plan is a very easy way to start sorting through all of this and should be a part of everybody's SerenaFit experience. It focuses on scheduling, portion control, nutrients, grocery purchases, supplements, proper snacking and more. Take a few minutes to learn more about the meal plan, and other resourceful programs, below. We’ve got this!"