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stay fit - everywhere. 


Be in the best shape ever

Cheaper than ClassPass and more effective than the gym. The SerenaFit All Access Subscription is your take anywhere, workout platform.

Join Serena every week for LIVE online workouts via Google Hangout, 24- hour access to a helpful + creative on demand workout library, weekly discussions in the community forum featuring nutrition + lifestyle advice. Your monthly subscription gives you a total access pass so that you can cue up workouts and classes anywhere, on any device. Subscribe today and join a growing community from around the world.

Dedicate your energy towards getting fit and healthy - your body and mind will thank you later. 

“What’s not to like? The price point is perfect for me, I love working out at home where I can then just run and shower and get ready for work, and I love the variety “
— Aliza, Philadelphia PA

What You'll Get with your subscription

Monthly and yearly rates starting at $64.99/month (inc. 7-day free trial) with an option to cancel anytime. That's $9ish a class!



 Feel inspired & motivated. Get up and workout with us every morning! We'll be there. 


Watch Anywhere

Stream from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Roku, AirPlay, and Chromecast


Live Online Workouts

Unlimited access to LIVE classes taught every week on Google Hang Outs - 30 min workouts to get in + out.

Members also receive a coaches email from me every week where I outline a workout schedule, provide meal prep advice and updates to the platform. Members also get product perks like discounts on equipment and deals on protein bars. This season we're working with Natural Mass Resistance BandsSquare Organics! Interested in partnering up? I'd love to connect. 

Checking in from Washington DC, Chicago, Maine, The Dominican, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. 

Live Online Classes

Exclusively offered through the All Access Subscription

All live classes are hosted through google hangout. Once you've purchased your subscription you'll receive an extensive overview of how to sign in and prepare for the start of class. Spoiler alert: It takes just a few clicks to fire up your virtual studio! 

Once you're in you'll see your coach, you'll see yourself and you'll see other people attending the class. Pretty cool huh? ALL classes are 30mins long which means you will have time to everything else you need to do before the day starts. The idea is to sign up, sweat, get out. 

We will begin on time, every time! Check out the cool classes being taught this Fall. It's wild times y'all. Click below. 

We even have legit pop-up workouts planned for some weekends - You know you wanna hang!

 More questions? Please contact. 

A #NoExcuses Approach to fitness

Subscribing to the All Access Subscription will give you the consistency you've been looking for. Feel energized and motivated by women from all over who are trying to focus on themselves for a second, just like you are.

Never fall off track again or miss a workout because of timing. I get it. Life is cray. But with this plan, things will start to become easier.

Cya, random workout life! Are you ready to make moves in the right direction? >hands raised for a double high five< 

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