Scheduling Policy

You can reach out to see if there are any free spaces after the time block, however no guarantees can be made. 

  • Client must cancel via Calendly twelve (12) hours prior to scheduled class.

  • SerenaFit coaches will be tracking attendance and activity on a daily basis to ensure accurate records. 

  • If the client is more the 10 minutes late, the client is considered a no-show and will receive a warning via email. If the client is a no-show for another class within 30-days of the first missed class, the client will be charged a fee of $15. That fee will increase by $5 for each subsequent missed class within the 30-day time period. (i.e., 1st no-show: $15, 2nd no-show: $20, etc.)

  • Clients will be ready to go before the start of session to ensure a safe workout space. 

  • Clients will maintain professionalism and respect for your coach at all times and may be subject to removal from the program if there is reason to suggest otherwise. 

  • Client will maintain high levels of communication with their coach to ensure success, address injury, personal challenges and goals. 

Virtual Studio + client Recommendations

  • 3-15 lb. weights, a yoga mat, resistance band, a towel and a water bottle are highly encouraged.

  • Try to arrive to class a few minutes early. Class will start at designated time on the dot.

  • All participants will be muted upon entry of the virtual studio, so feel free to play music in the background.

Terms of Service