Partner Training (in person or online)


Partner Training (in person or online)


Pair up with a buddy for a fun workout! Hold each other accountable and sign up together. These sessions are available in person, and online. Just think, your bestie who lives across the US can coach with you on the East coast during our online, Skype sessions!

Each buddy needs to purchase a $250 package which will yield four - 45 minute sessions. Rely on each other for support, off day workouts, encouragement, and enjoyment during the tough days.

Monthly measurements / body fat / weigh ins. 

Meal plan + custom macros given for each partner 

*Disclaimer - both partners need to be present for the workout. This is a group effort, so you both need to commit. If one partner cancels the session will be off or rescheduled!

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What do we get?

1. Special invites to monthly events where we connect, kickback, indluge (moderately) and learn about each other. We try a new theme each time hoping to keep things fresh
2. Monthly assessments including body fat & measurements
3. Weekly food journal review for custom nutritional coaching
4. 30 day goal setting to ensure success and consistency in your personal results
5. General meal plan provided to follow outside of session as well as customized macros
6. Extra accountability and support through your buddy

What are the requirements?
1. Once you've grabbed your buddy, each of you need to purchase one, $250 package. Each 2 person package will yield 5 sessions.
2. All sessions must be scheduled out upon time of purchase
3. If one buddy can't make a session, then the session is cancelled. Both buddies need to be at session, each time.
4. Doctors notes are required if you are taking any medications or are recovering from a serious injury
5. Boxing mitts! Any will do. It's for added cardio. 

How long are sessions & what's included?

All of my in-person SerenaFit training sessions are 45 minutes. We will run through your current fitness level, your desires and goals during your training time with me, your nutritional intake and your current lifestyle. Every month we will weigh in, take your measurements as well as your body fat. Expect lots of variety during the actual workout too - We use weights, mats, tababta timers all based around circuit style training.

How do we schedule sessions?

Together! 2-1 personal training schedules are custom to you and your buddy. Once you've purchased your SerenaFit partner package, I'll be getting in touch with you two to establish what times work best for you & the rest of us, as well as a neutral location either at the studio, at one of your houses or outside in the park to train at.

Do sessions expire?

Yes! Once you've purchased your SerenaFit training package, you will have 30 days or one month to schedule your 5 sessions. This keeps you in a routine, it helps us gather real data, and it keeps you and your partner accountable!

What's the cancellation policy?

Don't cancel! I'm a stickler for prompt meetings so if you cancel within 4 hours of our session time, then you lose the session and it will not be rescheduled. If you are a no call, no show client that day, you will lose the session and you will be charged $25. If there is an emergency then we can evaluate what's fair during that time. The idea is to be respectful of each others time! Note: If one partner can't make a session, then the session is cancelled. Both partners have to be in attendance every time. 

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