Sick of going to the gym every day?
Go virtual!

Join the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio for live, semi-private group workouts guaranteed to increase productivity.
Stay accountable, get instant feedback from your coaches and workout from anywhere!

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My mornings kick ass now. When the workout is done that early I feel energized! I’ll knock out emails, clean, or just refresh before my kids wake up. I feel way more accomplished going into the day.
— Sergei D., Studio Member

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Welcome to the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio! 


From time to money to feeling lost in your fitness routine, it’s easy to find yourself hitting the snooze button, skipping workouts + talking yourself out of commitments. That’s where the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio comes in, creating an easy, helpful + effective way to move your body and to start becoming a morning person!

No more, "The gym is too far away," or “I’ll start tomorrow.” Classes in the virtual training studio are efficient, lasting less than 30 minutes, and can be taken anywhere with internet access. Just like when you attend class in person, in the SerenaFit Virtual Training Studio you can see your coach and others attending the class and they can see you. Using intervals with minimal time for rest, Serena and her team of certified coaches will wake your body up, guiding you through exercises that will address flexibility, tone, sculpt, condition and strengthen your entire body. 

The virtual studio is an in-home training experience that encourages positive habits, increases productivity + offers sustainable programing you can stick with for months on end. 

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