5 Ways To Reset Your Routine This Season


The summer is coming to an end! One of my favorite things about transitioning into fall is getting back into my routine, which includes getting on track with clean eating, exercise, and my overall health. By the end of the summer, after all of the delicious barbecues and fun pool parties, it’s nice to hit reset. Let’s cleanse in a simple, natural way, while still enjoying the delicious, satisfying foods we love.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow a juice cleanse or a rigid, challenging program to achieve the results you want. Let’s keep it simple with some easy, approachable ways to reset this fall!

1. Start a routine. Getting on a schedule can be really helpful when trying to make positive health and behavioral changes.

  1. Start an exercise routine and schedule it like you would a work meeting. This way your time is blocked off and you can begin to commit to a routine to get you back into a flow.

  2. Plan your trips to the grocery store, and try to keep healthy staples in your house, so that you’re always prepared

  3. Start your mornings a little earlier and give yourself self-care time to meditate, breathe, take a long shower, drink water (and then coffee) and ease into your day with a calm mind.

2. Increase your water consumption and start your morning with warm water and lemon. Lemon helps to naturally detoxify your liver and clean your body. Increasing your water consumption will help improve your digestion + elimination and boost your energy. Having a solid filtration system is essential in your overall health. Most tap waters don’t pass basic contamination tests. Try the Berkey water filtration system!

3. Eat protein and healthy fats at every meal. Protein helps to keep you feeling satiated and satisfied, which helps prevent snacking and munching all day long. It also helps to stabilize your blood sugar level and support muscle growth and repair, which can support a leaner body.

4. Crowd out white sugars and flours with root and starchy vegetables, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, pasta alternatives, like lentil pasta and chickpea past. White sugars and flours are void of important nutrients, feed the bad bacteria in your gut, zap your energy, and can cause weight gain, whereas the healthier options are nutrient-dense, have soluble and insoluble fiber, and help keep your gut and body happy and healthy.

5. Chew your food well. So often We rush through our meals and barely chew our food before moving onto the next bite. This is very taxing on our bodies, because our stomachs don’t have teeth and therefore our body has to work extra hard to break the food down. Additionally, when we eat quickly, we don’t give our bodies enough time to realize that we’re full and often end up eating more than we need or want. Try to slow down while you eat, breathe, put your fork down between each bite, and chew your food well (until it becomes a more mushy consistency). This can help even if you don’t apply any of the other tips above!

Author: Melissa Henkin, Pure Green Wellness