Homemade Hot Chocolate

I love warm, cozy drinks during the colder months. They help me unwind, relax + zen out for a little bit. But sometimes I want more than just tea or coffee!

I whipped up this delicious, homemade hot chocolate that not only made me feel warm on the inside, but it helped to satisfy that chocolate craving I get every so often :)

Try making this at home using these simple ingredients:

hot chocolate.jpg


  • Heat a large mug full of water about 1:30

  • In another large mug combine all the remaining ingredients

  • Once the warm mug of water is done heating, safely and carefully pour the hot water into the mug with the mix. Pour back and fourth 3 times to ensure all the ingredients dissolve and blend. Stir once complete.

  • Optional, reheat to temperature of liking. Add dairy-free whip cream!

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