Your SerenaFit Lifestyle Planner


Hey guys! 

I'm all about the love this month so I wanted to share my SerenaFit essential planner to hopefully inspire, help and guide you. Sometimes we need specific directions. It's one less thing we have to think about inside our busy lives. 

Use it this week, the next week or any other time throughout the year. This isn't date specific! Part of my program teaches weekly planning. When you plan ahead, you get ahead and stay there. 


Remember why you started your fitness journey when you're planning. Why do you want to improve your health? Why do you want to get fit? The answers should help to motivate you along the way. 

Be sure to check out the All Access platform to register for morning classes! The planner mentions workouts featured on the subscription. Check out the details here

My team and I coach live and interactive workouts, daily in the virtual studio, which help you to shift your morning routine into one that's beneficial to your mind, body, and soul. Get the workout done before your day starts and you won't have to worry about fitting it in later. 

Good luck with planning!! You got this.