5 Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

You don’t have to be holding a glass of champagne to party! Maybe you want to save your calories for a special treat or maybe you want to be sure you feel refreshed the next morning. Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun time with friends. This is something I’m trying to adopt more into my social life to be healthier.


Going to a house party? My favorite tip is to bring a bottle of kombucha to sip on. If everyone else is drinking wine out of glass, pour your kombucha in one too! Kombucha is great because they often have a mild flavor and a little fizz so it seems more celebratory than regular water. When you get your kombucha at the store, look closely at the nutrition label. Be sure to pick one with as little sugar as possible. Have you been wondering what kombucha is? Greatist breaks down the details on kombucha. Read up on it! There are a lot of health benefits.

Dinner party with friends? Trader Joe’s sells a bottle of unsweetened green tea that pairs well with a light summer meal. I like this bottle because it’s a larger size and won’t look out of place amidst other bottles and things on the table. If you are hosting the dinner party, consider making a punch bowl or pitcher of a non-alcoholic drink. If you are looking for more non-alcoholic drink ideas, check out this list from the Tablespoon.


Out at the bar? The classic club soda with lime or lemon is a great drink to get at the bar. Be sure to stick with club soda and not tonic water. One serving of tonic water can have almost 100 calories and over 20 grams of sugar, almost as much as a can of cola soda.

At a special event with an open bar? Ask the bartender if they have sparkling water. Most open bar events will have a few non-alcoholic options, but they might not be on display. Ask them to throw in a lemon slice, an orange wedge or cucumbers to infuse it!

Brunch with friends? If the group is ordering mimosas, get a glass of OJ, tomato juice or grapefruit juice without the alcohol. Savor the juice and be sure not to guzzle it down so you don’t overload on sugar. Stop after one class and move to coffee or tea.

On a constant quest for clearer or brighter skin? Try giving up alcohol for a week (or even a month!) and see how your skin looks. Drinking leads to dehydration and inflammation. You will sleep better and wake up ready for your next SerenaFit workout when you decide to skip a night of drinking.

Author: All Access Member, Laura K.

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