Create A Swoon-Worthy At-Home Gym


Making the switch from working out at a local gym to working out at home is easier than you may think. Not only is it cost effective, but it saves time, and could be a source of motivation for you. It’s much easier to fit in a workout when it’s in the next room, rather than down the street (or further). Follow the steps below to create an amazing workout space that is easy to access and fun to use:


Step 1: Decide on a space & stock up on equipment. Where do you have an area large enough for a yoga mat, free weights, bands + other equipment you love to use? You don't need a huge basement or any machines.. Think efficiency, safety + simplicity. Maybe you have to move a table aside or rearrange some living room furniture in order to achieve the ideal setup. I guarantee you can find something when you take a second glance around your home. Don't let this stop you!

Since you’ll be saving some money on your gym membership, you’ll have some extra funds to buy new things for your new set-up. For equipment, I’d recommend checking TargetFive Below or Amazon. If you're into weights and strength work, outfit the space accordingly. If you're into Yoga, Barre or Pilates, get the things you need in order to channel that focus + mindfulness during your practice. Remember, this is a one-time set up cost, so you’ll still end up saving money in the long run, even if you splurge a little at the begining with good equipment.


Step 2: Organize your equipment. This is where things can get fun. My favorite go-to for affordable decor is CB2. They have amazing reasonably-priced wire baskets, woven baskets and cushions (for meditation) priced reasonably. You can use the baskets to store bands, towels, water bottles and sliders. Feel free to customize this space and really make it your own. Vision boards and inspirational posters, and cutouts of pictures and words can supply tons of positive vibes. Bright light and a cute table offer other ways to keep this space inviting + functional. Check out Etsy for unique signage or Urban Outfitters for fresh pieces to make your space representative of you and your wellness journey.

Step 3: Get in the mindset. One of the replies I get from people after I tell them I'm an online fitness coach is, "Oh I can't workout at home. I have to leave my house in order to get my mind in the right space to workout." If this is something you find yourself thinking, I suggest taking another look around your home. If you feel the need to leave it, then something may be up! Is your space cluttered? Is it overrun with kids toys, dirty laundry or overstuffed pantries? Is it dark, uninviting or outdated?

When our everyday spaces aren't organized, it creates mental clutter. Rather than turning your back on it, address it. Let the creation of your new workout space encourage you to clean out other areas of your home so you can feel excited to be there. The home should be your safe space, not a place you "have to get out of." Take inventory and start that donation pile! I'd also leave a little stack of disinfectant wipes around to clean your stuff after your sweat session. Keeping this space in-order and inviting will really make it easier to workout in -- I promise.


You don't have to spend a ton of money or time on your fitness in order to see results. Working out at home is a great way to maximize efficiency and minimize the time it takes you to get in shape. Just a few quick switches, and maybe a few additions, and you’ll be on your way to seeing long-term results. Share pictures of your workout area with me on social. I’d love to see what you’ve done with your spaces.